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Social Covers – Does It Live Up To The Hype?

August 10, 2020

Does it really have to be that hard to make money online? When I first started my online business, I tried SO many things that didn't work. So much time, energy, and money... WASTED! But 9 months later, I realize that it's really not that hard to make tons of money online, it just takes the right programs! And Social Covers is 100% one of those programs.

As with any online program, Social Covers isn't perfect. It's not a get rich quick scheme and it is going to take a little bit of work. BUT, if you apply what is given to you, it will be incredibly easy to make your money back, and I truly believe it's not hard to 10x your investment. Ready to learn more about Social Covers? Let's get started 😁

**The Launch may be over, but Social Covers is coming back soon! If you want to be notified when it's released again, click here**

What is Social Covers?

   Social covers was created by David Sprague and functions as both a software and a program. Let's start with the software:

Have you ever seen a business page on Facebook? If we can just be honest with one another, most of them suck... sorry guys... You pull up their page to either see a stock image or an awkward image that looks like it was taken with the original iPhone. 

They are wasting about 50% of the screen! 

And it gets worse... because that's just on desktop! Trying pulling up the mobile version of their page. You'll usually get the corner of that image with someone's face cut off - it looks so unprofessional! 

It really is amazing that business' get an opportunity to have a free "billboard" to promote their business and well over 90% completely waste it. 

And that's just Facebook. Don't even get me started on Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and every other business page they use! 

...In steps Social Covers...

Social Covers was created to fix this issue for businesses on ALL of their social media accounts in a matter of 5 minutes (literally - 5 minutes). The software allows you to create high quality cover photo for every social media in a matter of minutes!

So what kind of cover photos can it create? That's one of the best parts - they give you the templates and all you have to do is customize them for that business! 

Want to create one displaying the "deal of the month?" There's a template for that. Want one that highlight's the business' reputation? There's a template for that. Want one that based around a specific holiday? There is a template for that. I think you get the idea...

The software for Social Covers really is impressive.

When you see the HUGE need for it and then see how quickly you can solve that issue for a business, you quickly realize how much potential is right there in front of you!

And that leads us to Social Covers - the program. 

So we identified the need - business' are wasting "free billboards" all across their social media accounts.

We identified the solution - Social Covers can create all of them in the span of 5 minutes. 

The only question left is - how are we going to sell these covers to these businesses?

My answer may surprise you...

...We aren't...

That's right - ZERO selling! Social Covers has created this program so you never have to offer a pitch or convince someone that they need you.

So how are you going to make money?

Easy - You're going to give away social covers for free!

As we mentioned when talking about the software, it takes 5 minutes or less to create a cover for every social media account that looks good on both desktop and mobile.

So let's say you make covers for 10 different businesses. That's approximately 50 minutes. You then use the script that Social Covers gives you and you give a free cover to each of these businesses. How many businesses will be thankful for your free gift? 10/10! ... because who doesn't like free?!

But that's not all, Social Covers then gives you free landing pages for those businesses who want them ALL of the covers you created for them. It even offers them monthly updates for a recurring price. 

I hope you see the potential here... There is a HUGE need in the marketplace, and with Social Covers, you're able to meet it in a matter of minutes!

Best Parts of Social Covers

It's All Done For You! 

Templates - Done ✔️

Landing Pages - Done ✔️

Scripts to Send to Businesses - Done ✔️

Proven Product - Done ✔️

All you have to do is send free covers to businesses - that's it! That's all it takes to make money with Social Covers! 

This software and program has done everything for you - literally all you need to do is contact a business you like, give them a free gift, and then the product sells itself! 

I've seen a lot of online products, but there may not be a simplier one out there right now than Social Covers...

There is a HUGE Need for It!

It will only take you a few searches to realize how many businesses need this... it's a MASSIVE need in the market place right now! A simple cover could bring in hundreds, thousands, or even 10's of thousands of dollars for a business and you're "selling" them for a steal!

Once a business sees the cover you've created them, and they see it side-by-side with what they currently have (which is an awesome feature of the software), they will be begging for you to fix this issue for them!   

And while this was a huge need for businesses before 2020, it's more important now than ever!

Businesses desperately need to keep their customers' up to date on how COVID is impacting their business - and a social cover is a great way to do that! 

Seriously, this is the perfect product for the current marketplace...

It Takes a Minimal Amount of Time to be Successful! 

If you've followed my content before, you know that I began my business with affiliate marketing - and it's still the core of what I do! But even though there is incredibly high earning potential with affiliate marketing, it can still take a long time to really start making good money...

This is NOT the case with Social Covers! 

It's unbelievable how fast you can make this strategy work for you! Take a few minutes to make a cover, contact a business, and it sells itself. 

Anyone who follows these simples instructions can easily make hundreds within their first week! 

In a world where we want results NOW, Social Covers is perfect!  

Are There Any Negatives?

Who Still Uses Flash?

As with any product, there are ALWAYS negatives. So let me make sure you know them before you buy it!

Now I'll be honest, this one is both good news and bad news...

The bad news is that they still run the software on Flash.

If you're unfamiliar with Flash, let's just say that is bad because Flash is going to be discontinued by the end of 2020. 

The good news is... the HTML5 version is already created and ready to go.

So the obvious question is - why haven't they switched over yet?

Well at the time of this writing, there is a secret that most people don't know about. Within the next two months, Facebook is changing their cover photo size! (You're welcome for the inside information 😁) 

So instead of creating HTML5 versions of the old Facebook size, Social Covers is switching over as soon as Facebook does. I know this won't even apply to many who are reading this after the change is made, but for those of you who are, Flash won't be used for long!

How Limited Are Templates?

Another potential issue with Social Covers is the amount of templates. While they currently have about 30, some people may want more...

Thankfully, this is another improvement they are making - they are constantly adding more templates! The truth is though, that a template is just that - a template!

You can use the same template to make hundreds of different covers that look drastically different from each other! So while it would be nice to have more templates, I haven't found that to be a significant issue. 

But, I would list it as one of the only negatives with Social Covers. 

Bonuses - Worth More Than The Cost?!

If you are reading this before August 18th, you're in luck! You are able to get in on Social Covers before the pricing explodes and when their are unbelievable bonuses! 

The guy running this launch is Jason Fladlien, my favorite marketer, and he is known for giving bonuses that are as valuable (if not more valuable) than the product itself!

Just to tell you how good they are, I got early access to review Social Covers, and yet I'm still buying the program PURELY for access to his bonuses! You're going to be blown away by these!

Now unfortunately, I'm not allowed to share them here... That's part of my agreement to get early access, but you can find out all about them here on this webinar.

You won't believe the FREE bonuses that are coming when you buy Social Covers this week! 

Final Thoughts

If you've read this whole post, you know I believe in Social Covers - both the program and the software. I think it is one of the easiest ways to add to your income in a short amount of time while providing a TON of value for your customers. 

I would never endorse something that I don't fully believe can allow you to earn over 10x your investment - and I believe that is easily possible with Social Covers.

And not only do I think Social Covers is a steal of a price during this launch, I believe the bonuses are even more valuable that what they are charging you for the entire program. 

Rarely do opportunities this good come along, so make sure to jump on the webinar and find out how you can get started with Social Covers!

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