by Jake Thornhill

July 22, 2020

Legendary Marketer Review

Thanks for checking out this Legendary Marketer Review! After my own experience with the company as well as hours of research, I believe I have accumulated everything there is to know about Legendary Marketer! If you still have any questions, please feel free to add them in the comments or email me at Enjoy this Legendary Marketer Review 🙂 

Passive income is the dream... 

If you’re here, passive income isn’t a new thought for you. In fact, you’ve probably been searching for it for years just like I did. Trust me… I get it.

I’m a Youth Pastor who LOVES what he does. I wake up excited to go to work, and typically you'll find me working late into the night on some ministry project. I LOVE it!

The one downside — It’s not the most lucrative position in the world.

Now don’t get me wrong, my church is incredibly generous, and I am more blessed than many in similar positions. But ever since I was young, I dreamed of not only passive income but Financial Freedom. I wanted the freedom to do ministry without ever having to be concerned about my paycheck.

So starting in my early college years, I ran some of the best side hustles out there:

1. An extra “9–5 job”

2. Trading Penny Stocks

3. Drop-shipping

4. Ebay/Amazon Selling

5. Selling high end sneakers (I even made about $8,000)

6. Real Estate

To be honest, ALL of these were profitable. But once I found my dream job, I didn’t have the extra time to look for a great shoe deal or scour Zillow for the perfect house deal (not to mention fixing busted toilets). I wanted my time to go into ministry, not my side hustle!

Then I found what I had been looking for… I found a way to make passive income — I was going to build an online business!

Starting an online business

I found a way that I could continue to do ministry, bring value to people I had never met, and still create a passive income - by creating an online business for Christians who were striving to achieve Financial Freedom! But that led me to a really tough question, “Where do I begin?

That's when I found...

Legendary Marketer

So yes, I want you to understand from the beginning my bias — I love Legendary Marketer. It’s made a huge difference in my life, and given me the freedom that I never thought I would have. I also believe it could do the same for you. That's is why I decided to write this Legendary Marketer review.

That being said, my hope is that this is a full, comprehensive Legendary Marketer Review - the company, it's products, the owner, etc. I will highlight some of my favorite elements of the company, but also share a few frustrations. If you want to know EVERYTHING about this company, this is the Legendary Marketer review for you!

And if you want to hear more of my story please feel free to check it out:

►► Jake Thornhill’s Story

Legendary Marketer’s Mission: To help people start an online business or grow an existing business using highly leveraged and cutting edge marketing strategies and business models.

- Found on Legendary Marketer’s Website

What is Legendary Marketer, Who is It For, and Who is David Sharpe?

As their mission statement suggests, Legendary Marketer is a company designed to help people either start an online business or grow their current online business. It does this through an extensive series of courses designed to take you from the most basics aspects of an online company to the complexities needed to surpass your competition. They express on their site that they “help people learn the necessary personal, business, and marketing skills to thrive with confidence in an ever changing and highly competitive online marketplace.

What is Legendary Marketer?

This image is taken from Legendary Marketer's website

Not only do they use courses to teach you about online business, they also provide personalized coaching, live mastermind events, and a supportive community of fellow online business owners to engage with.

So at this point you might be asking, “Who runs this company and are they trustworthy?” In an industry full of dishonest crooks, that may be one of the most important questions you could ask! So let me tell you just a little bit about the owner and founder, David Sharpe.

I had heard his name before — and it wasn’t in a great context. I had heard of David Sharpe in association with the infamous Empower Network Program — which was a hyped MLM program years ago that ended up going bankrupt in 2017. To say the least, when I heard David’s name, I was confident I would be steering clear of anything he was involved with.

Then I began to do a little bit of research… the further I dug into his story I saw that Sharpe had actually left the company for “health reasons” (Reports came out later that he didn’t want his name associated with the direction the Empower Network was going).

After doing extensive research around David and his previous engagements, I felt comfortable enough to get started. Besides it would only cost me $7 in the beginning, and I knew I could get it back if it wasn't legit. 

The more I’ve heard from Sharpe, the more impressed I’ve been by him. Is he perfect? No. Yet he comes across incredibly passionate, sincere, transparent, and charismatic. Even if this guy was some charleton, I was highly skilled at getting my money back from scams (thanks to my days in the sneaker game), and I could learn a few things in the process.

David Sharpe
This image is taken from Legendary Marketer’s Website

I’m thankful that I can now say I trust Sharpe. I’ve gotten to see him on so many videos and trainings that I feel my initial impression is accurate. Just like anyone, he isn’t perfect, but I’m incredibly blessed to learn a lot from him!

In short — Legendary Marketer is built for current and aspiring online business owners, it has value for every level of entrepreneur (whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert), and David Sharpe is a highly experienced and successful expert in the field of online business who is worth learning from.

Getting Started with Legendary Marketer

The very first interaction most will have with Legendary Marketer is built around the idea of a Sales Funnel. Instead of starting you off with their high ticket items (and trust me, they have some!) they currently have a “first step” entrance fee of $7. Like all sales funnels, the design is to give you a lot of value in the beginning for very little cost. By doing this, they can build up some credibility with the hopes of selling you their higher ticket items later. If you feel like they provide you enough value in the beginning, you will continue to trust them for future purchases — it’s that simple.

So this first step is called the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge. For $7 you are put into this 15 day challenge that contains well over 10 hours of video, various assignments, and free coaching calls to help you develop a business blueprint. I was pretty amazed how much I learned from this challenge. At that point I was still a beginner, but I had done quite a bit of research, and I still felt like I was taking non-stop notes! Sharpe did in-depth training on subjects like value ladderssales funnels, types of online businesses, affiliate marketing, and more in just the first two days!

As I mentioned before, the real kicker for me was the 100% money back guarantee! If you’ve ever sold high value sneakers, the first thing you learn is how to protect yourself from scams so this guarantee was a great start. And if I later found out Legendary Marketer was actually some scam (and from my research I knew they weren’t), I had all the necessary contingencies in place to get my money back. If I didn’t get a reply from their support team within 24 hours, it would have been easy to file a charge back on my credit card and have my money returned (truthfully though, over the price of a single lunch, I probably wouldn’t have even gone through the trouble). But if they were legit I was about to get a bunch of training for almost nothing! For me it was an easy decision…

15 Day Challenge with Legendary Marketer

This is taken from Legendary Marketer's website

And so... the challenge began...

Inside the Back Office of the Legendary Marketer Challenge

Now I don’t want to give away the entire challenge curriculum (what fun is it if there is absolutely ZERO mystery left?!), but I do want to show you a few images from the back office so you can get a sneak preview of their layout.

15 Day Challenge with Legendary Marketer

When you enter the challenge you’ll come to this page. On the left side you’ll see each day of the challenge, and within each day you’ll see a list of assignments. As you complete a day, you mark it as “done” and the next one is opened for you. Throughout the challenge you also get a couple free calls with a coach who will help you process through what you are learning so far.

Regardless of whether you are involved with the company long term or not, everyone is blown away by the value they receive inside the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge!

Legendary Marketer Products and Prices

This topic is one of the foremost reasons I wanted to write this Legendary Marketer Review. When I was researching Legendary Marketer, I came across multiple reviews from 3 years ago that gave different product and pricing layouts. This was a big warning flag for me because if these affiliates didn’t know these details then something weird was going on behind the scenes.

As I said from the beginning, my hope is that this is an all encompassing Legendary Marketer Review so you have EVERYTHING you need to make a well informed decision on whether or not you want to associate with Legendary Marketer.

That being said, here is a detailed breakdown of their products and pricing taken directly from their website (products and pricing are taken from website, but the descriptions are mine):

Legendary Marketer Products

Legendary Marketers Club — $30/month

Their website identifies this as the “Netflix of marketing training” and it’s not an unfair description. With this membership, you have access to videos full of virtual training workshops, interviews with successful online businessmen and women, and a new class added each month. The training is led by a variety of experts covering topics like marketing, management, operation, sales, traffic and much more. At the present date here are the titles available to view:

  • Kevin Harrington Interview
  • Mark Harbert Interview
  • Nathan Lucas Interview
  • Marketer’s Club Live Training Replays (currently totaling 2,101 minutes!)
  • The Journey to 250,000 Youtube Subscribers
  • What to Do and Say to Sell More Stuff
  • How to Use Story to Succeed Online
  • How to Achieve Anything You Want
  • 27 Tips to Start & Scale Your Business
  • You vs You
  • Build, Engage, and Sell
  • Outsourcing is the Key to Success
  • The Mechanics to Creating the Life That You Want
  • You Were Born to be Rich But Made Poor

Like they said… the Netflix of Online Business training…

Marketer's Club

Traffic University — $247 (one time payment)

As the title suggests, this product is all about teaching you how to drive traffic which, as we all know, is the key to any successful online business. Most people know that the best places to advertise are Youtube and Facebook and yet 62% of small business owners feel like their Facebook ads are missing the intended targets. At the time of writing, this bundle includes 9 training courses to teach you how to become effective on whichever ad platform you choose to employ. The courses available are as follows: 

  • AdWords Ads 2.0
  • Facebook Ads 2.0
  • Google Display Network 2.0
  • Instagram Ads
  • Landing Pages
  • Native Ads
  • Youtube 2.0
  • Twitter Ads 2.0
  • LinkedIn Ads

As you can see by the “2.0's,” Legendary Marketer does a great job of continually updating their information. Once you have purchased a product, you will receive any future course that is added or updated to that bundle.

Traffic University

Affiliate Marketing Business Blueprint — $2,500 (one time payment)

This is designed to help beginners understand the basics of affiliate marketing while teaching seasoned marketers how to refine and grow their trade. Legendary Marketer’s website explains, “For 99% of people who are successful online, affiliate marketing is how they get started. The idea behind it is that you promote other people’s products, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission if people actually end up buying thanks to your marketing.”

This training, led by a ten year digital marketing enthusiast, also teaches how you could use affiliate marketers to promote your own products or services. It is an extensive training! Here are at least the main subject lines with many individual trainings under each:

  • Introduction
  • Choosing Your Niche
  • Your Affiliate Opportunities
  • Setting Up Affiliate Accounts
  • Building Out Your Business
  • Email Marketing
  • Getting Traffic
  • Monetization Tips

Digital Products Business Blueprints — $2,500 (one time payment)

As your business develops, you may want to take your expertise and create new, exciting digital products — this course will help you do it! The course trainer began in network marketing in 2000 and has sold countless digital products since then. His expertise is invaluable for anyone seeking to sell digital products.

Coaching and Consulting Business Blueprint — $2,500 (one time payment)

One of the highest grossing professions in today’s world is coaching and consulting. This Blueprint walks you step by step through everything you’d ever need to know about the intricacies of coaching. Whether you’re interested in one-on-one, video chat, or group coaching, Sharpe will walk you through all you need to know.

coaching and consulting business blueprint

Events and Masterminds Business Blueprint — $2,500 (one time payment)

Though much of the world has gone digital, there will always be need for in-person coaching and networking. For that reason, this blueprint has been created to help you create your own live mastermind! We often don’t think about all of the details that go into these big (and very lucrative) events, so David is faithful to go step by step through the process so you can run a successful event.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind (Live Event) — $8,000 (one time payment)

This is a live event where you will be trained in creating online traffic, lead generation, and conversion strategies from the top online marketers. This event is promoted as having two huge benefits — the content and the membership. According to their website, “once a member has paid their membership fee, they aren’t charged for membership again and they’re considered fulfilled at their first mastermind (whether they attend or just watch recordings). However, as a huge bonus they’re also granted abilities to attend future gatherings for a simple, low cost seat deposit which essentially allows them to be apart of the group for as long they choose.

This is incredibly unique to Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind (Live Event) — $12,000 (one time payment)

This live event also boasts of its two fold benefits — content and membership. It is described as a “live in-person mastermind covering health, wealth and wisdom hacks, growth tips and performance strategies to create and protect your wealth and become the best version of yourself.

“Done For You” Brand Builder — $10,000 (one time payment)

If you struggle with your branding and trust building, this is designed to have the Legendary Marketer team do it for you! They have had proven success in these areas and could safe you valuable time (and even long term money), by giving you their tried and true system.

Okay, that’s a lot of money, right?! Don’t worry, you don’t even need to think about buying some of these in the beginning. Just like with the challenge, the idea is that as Legendary Marketer proves their value, then you consider the next level of “education.” I also want to point out that they offer a TUITION REIMBURSEMENT PROGRAM! This was a game changer for me! For more information on their Tuition Reimbursement Program, simply keep reading until the Pro’s/Con’s section of this article.

Legendary Marketer Affiliates

An entirely different review could be written on Legendary Marketer’s affiliate program — so I wrote one! If you want to know more about their affiliate program I suggest heading over to that article, but I will offer a quick synapses here:

There are two affiliate statuses at Legendary Marketer: PRO and Basic. Basic is absolutely free, but you will earn less (but still highly competitive) commission. A basic affiliate will typically earn between 10%-30% commission on their sales. PRO affiliates on the other hand will earn 40–60% commission on their sales but it will cost them $29.95 each month. PRO affiliates also accessed to advanced features and training.

legendary marketer affiliate commissions

Affiliates will also have access to the Tuition Reimbursement Program (at the time of this writing this is available to both pro and basic affiliates)! Again, for more information on this, keep reading until the Pro’s/Con’s section of this article.

Legendary Marketer Pros and Cons


Legendary Marketer Pro's

The Value of the Training

The training that this company provides to help you create or grow your online business is unmatched. I have researched most of their top competitors and this is THE selling point. Legendary Marketers just has better content. David Sharpe has proven himself as an incredibly successful entrepreneur and it shows in the value that he provides. Whether you’re at a live event, watching training from the marketers club or blueprints, or even just going through the challenge — the training will not disappoint!

The Affiliate Program

This is what initially drew me to Legendary Marketers. I got connected with one of their affiliates and simply believed I could do what he was doing. Legendary Marketers offers lifetime commissions on customers, sells low and high ticket items, has extremely high commission rates, and even has a sales team that will do all of the back-end work for you. I fell in love with this company because of their affiliate program, and then they just helped me create and online business from scratch as a bonus!

Constantly Updating and Evolving

This one is a BIG deal to me. If a company is not constantly updating their materials, then it feels like they don’t expect to be around for the long haul. As I was researching for this article I can’t even tell you how many times I saw information that was true two years ago, but has been improved upon today! I even saw things from a few months ago that have been improved today. Whether that’s the traffic bundle (remember the 2.0 updates?), the commission structure, the constant addition of training videos, or the back-office website updates, Legendary Marketer is constantly updating to better serve its customers and affiliates.

GREAT Support Staff

This is one of those details that seems small… until you need them! Each time I’ve reached out I got an extremely quick response. My first experience with them was with an issue I had at 3am. I received a reply by 8am (on Saturday)! That can’t be normal, but that’s what happened. Whether it's the Legendary coaches or support team, they've far exceeded my expectations!

A Constant Push Toward Transparency

This is another big deal to me because of the perception of the industry. In the time I’ve been with Legendary Marketers, I’ve heard the words like transparency, honesty, genuine, and compliant more times than I can count. In the background they are constantly preaching these messages to their community. As a Youth Pastor, I would never work with a dishonest or underhanded company — I am thankful for what I constantly see behind the scenes from David Sharpe and his team.

The Money Back Guarantee

Very thankful for this because it was a huge selling point for me early on. Now that I have worked with the company, it is not that big of a deal on future products I buy, but early on it was really important. If you’re just getting started remember that this option is fully available to you! If you get through the challenge and don’t get your $7 worth of value (which is laughable) then ask for your money back! Literally trying this out is of no risk to you!

The Tuition Reimbursement Program

Finally, we come to another game changer. I walked into the challenge with a solid gameplan! There were upsells were coming, and I knew it, but I didn’t care — I was going to hold fast to my plan! I remember even now thinking, “Alright, I’m going to pay $30 a month for the PRO affiliate program. Then I’m going to work my butt off to bring in two people to the marketers club and that will pay for my PRO subscription. After that I will buy the upsells as I bring in more money!

Great plan, right?

Then they threw a curveball at me — the Tuition Reimbursement Program!

Here’s the deal, they offered a “special price” to bundle the blueprint packages together (which even after purchasing I still think was a great deal), and I was thinking “Nope! I’m sticking to my plan!” Then David explained this Tuition Reimbursement Program… He said that as an affiliate if I could drive 10 sales of this same product OVER 2 WHOLE YEARS I would be COMPLETELY reimbursed!

There goes my plan…

Maybe that doesn’t do it for you, but I am about as competitive as they come! There was no doubt in my mind that I could easily sell this 10 times in two years! All that did was up my drive and excitement! As confident as I was after my purchase, my confidence skyrocketed as I started using the blueprints and saw their value.

Anyways, that’s the Tuition Reimbursement Program! Hopefully it gets you as excited as it did me!


Legendary Marketer cons

The Product Prices

It can't be a full Legendary Marketer Review if I don't include the cons... and there definitely are a few. If you read through the prices in the “Products and Prices” section your eyes may have gotten a little big when you saw four digits. Trust me, I get it. I’m a Youth Pastor who doesn’t have thousands to throw around on courses or live events — regardless of how good they are! Early on this really turned me off Legendary Marketer, but as you can see from my excitement in the last section, the Tuition Reimbursement Program was a lifesaver. Yes they are REALLY expensive, but if you work hard enough all of that money is coming back to you (along with all the money you received from those 10 sales to get you there!).

The Difficulty of Getting Accepted as an Affiliate

So this one actually hasn’t applied to me, but I’ve been told others have had issues with it. From what I’ve been told, applying and being accepted to become a Basic affiliate is not easy. Yes, I said apply. They have a high standard for their affiliates — they want people who have some experience in marketing and will promote their product the right way. If you end up purchasing their bundles they will obviously accept you, but if not, you need to show them how you will be able to effectively promote their products.

Cost of PRO level Affiliate

Finally, it can be frustrating to have two levels of affiliate status. I don’t like having to pay for this on top of the other stuff I have purchased and promoted from them. They have offered opportunities to get “free PRO status” for 6 months or a year a few times since I’ve been on so thankfully I’ve been able to profit from those. This has actually been the biggest negative that applies to me specifically.

Maybe you read those con’s and are saying, “He is so biased! He just wants me to buy from him so he’ll earn a commission!” I fully understand that, but these con’s are something I’ve had to process. Each “rationalization” behind a con is purely how I view it. I am an affiliate of this company and not it’s competitors because of this exact list. To me — their pro’s far outweigh their con’s! If you want further clarification on these feel free to reach out in the comments!

My Final Thoughts

My goal in this Legendary Marketer review was to intensely research all aspects of Legendary Marketer so you wouldn’t have to! I have been as accurate in every piece of information as best I can because I want you to have all of the information before you make a decision on getting involved with this company. In the section below this I will begin recording some common questions asked and answer them to the best of my ability. If any good questions are added in the comments, I will also add their questions to that section.

If you read all of this and think you want to get involved with Legendary Marketer — let me encourage you to join the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge today! You have literally nothing to lose!

Even if you don’t think you want to get involved with this company, let me still encourage you to go through the 15 Day Challenge! You will receive more high quality information from that $7 than you are going to find anywhere else on the internet.

If you have enjoyed this Legendary Marketer Review, I would also deeply appreciate if you would use my links in this article. If you do end up joining please let me know by emailing my at! It would be my honor to be the first to congratulate you 🙂

Also, under this final section of our Legendary Marketer review, I will add ways that you can connect with me! I hope to see you around more in the future. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope it proves helpful for you!

Legendary Marketer Review — Q&A

Is it a Scam?

I’ve come to literally hate this word. The word “scam” literally means “a dishonest scheme; a fraud.” So NO, Legendary Marketer is definitely not a scam. I think it’s also important to note that it’s not a get rich quick scheme!

This word is thrown around for three basic reasons:

  1. In the past many competitors have called it a scam to help promote their own product. (Look around — you’ll see it everywhere)
  2. Affiliates have used “scam” in their titles as clickbait. They would then go on to explain it is not a scam, but unfortunately people are still making the association. This is heavily condemned in the back office of Legendary Marketer now!
  3. People have the expectation of getting rich quick, and when they don’t they call it a scam.

No… Legendary Marketer is in no way a scam. But it will take hard work to launch an effective online business!

Is it a MLM?

This question makes sense, especially from those who knew Sharpe as being associated with Empower Network, but no it is not. MLM are obviously “multi” level marketing. Legendary Marketer on the other hand is a single level marketing system. This helps make the community much more genuine than that of many MLMs.

Do they offer a Facebook Community?

Yes! This has actually become another aspect of Legendary Marketers that I love! They have a great Facebook community that is constantly encouraging one another.

Enjoyed this Legendary Marketer review and ready to get started? There is no better day than today to start the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge!

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