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Fastest Way To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing (Fast Commissions)

January 13, 2021

"What is the fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing?"

As someone who loves teaching people how to start an affiliate marketing business, this is one of the questions I receive all the time! And I definitely understand the urge. 

As I started my business, I was asking the same thing. I saw that some people were taking months and even years to successfully make their first commission! Can you believe that - a whole year!!

If I can be honest, I don't know if I could have stuck with it that long. Don't get me wrong, some of them have gone to grow multi million dollar businesses, but a year is a long time to wait for your very first commission.

When I first got started, it took me just over a month to make my first commission - and I was addicted

It literally takes just one commission to become addicted to affiliate marketing. That's why I obsess over helping people get that very first commission. Once they get their first one, they are on a trajectory to massive success!

In this video above, I detail what I believe the be the simples and fastest way get that first, fast commission. Since I know some of you would prefer to read the strategy, I am creating this blog just for you! 

I definitely recommend everyone watch the video above as it will go into more detail than this blog post will. 

Let's dive in and find the fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing!

How To Earn Your First Commission

So in this post we are going to completely focus on your very first commission. In my review of Legendary Marketer, I talk about the importance of viewing affiliate marketing as a business, but here we are just trying to prove the concept - I want to prove to you that it works! 

You'll realize that we are going to leave a lot out if you really want to begin getting 5 figure months and 6/7 figure years. For those of you ready for that, I highly suggest going through this 15 Day Challenge for just $7

In these next two sections, I am going to offer the fastest possible way to get your first commission and start your affiliate marketing side hustle (or career)!

Choose an Offer

First thing you need to do is choose an offer to promote. Our goal is to find a "niche" that you believe in and then find an offer within that niche. For this purpose of this post, we will use health as an example.

Once you know your niche, now we need to find you the perfect offer. One of the best places to start is an affiliate network. An affiliate network is a site that contains various different affiliate offers by hundreds of different companies. 

A few examples of affiliate networks are:

  • Clickbank
  • JVzoo
  • WarriorPlus
  • ShareASale

After checking these affiliate networks (and others), hopefully you have found an offer that you can promote ethically and passionately. If you haven't you can always use Google to find other affiliate offers that are within your niche. 

Now that you have an offer, you simply need to create the affiliate link and pick your traffic source!

Choose a Traffic Source

The right traffic source is key to finding the fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing! A traffic source is how we are going to drive potential customers to the offer you picked. There are tons of different traffic sources - Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, and the list goes on and on. 

I believe the fastest way to earn your very first commission is by using one of the newest social media platforms - TikTok. TikTok's entire premise is based on video virality. All it takes it one good video and you could make numerous affiliate sales!

So the first thing we want to do is take our affiliate link and shorten it with a software like bitly.com. This will give you a cleaner link that is more likely to be clicked. 

Next we want to take your bit.ly link and place it in your TikTok bio. If possible, we want to make the link clickable. If not, we can still drive traffic by just using the link in your bio. 

Next we want to decide on the types of content you are going to create. I suggest finding other content creators in your niche and using their ideas to decide the right type of content for you.

Finally we are going to create! The most important part is that every video has an intentional call to action. Simply tell your views to look in your bio if they are interested in your niche. 

Follow this pattern by continuing to create 1-3 videos a day and you'll see your first sale in no time!

How To Scale Your Affiliate Business

Now as you might guess, this is a very short sighted way to do affiliate marketing. If you are going to be successful, you need to have two things in your business - a funnel builder and an autoresponder!

Personally I use ClickFunnels (my bonus package) as my funnel builder and ActiveCampaign (my bonus package) as my autoresponder. 

While there are many other options out there, I highly suggest these two as they have been perfect for my business. If you are unsure why you need these two things to scale your business, I highly suggest going through the 15 Day Challenge as it will help you set up your business from scratch! 


If you follow these steps, I believe you will see the fastest way to make money with affiliate marketing! I've watched this work for hundreds of new affiliates and it's a massive part of my strategy as a 6 figure affiliate marketer! 

In conclusion, I cannot encourage you to go through the 15 Day Challenge enough. I know you might be tried of hearing about it, but it's the exact challenge I went through to learn about affiliate marketing! I never would have been able to build and scale this business without it! 

So whether you're brand new or an experienced affiliate, I believe there is tons of value for everyone!

If you have any questions about how to execute the strategy from this post, I encourage you to also take a few minutes and watch the video as it goes into a little more detail. I'd also be more than happy to answer any questions you may have down in the comments!  

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Jake Thornhill

My name is Jake and I am a Youth Pastor in North Carolina. I began this business to help fellow Christians achieve financial freedom so they can more effectively fulfill the mission to which God has called them! If we are ever going to achieve financial freedom then we must create streams of passive income - and thus this blog was born! I teach many different ways to develop streams of passive income - primarily by creating your own online business!

Want to learn more? Check out my YouTube Channel!

Jake Thornhill

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