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Creating FREE Online Traffic is a Struggle — That’s Why I Accepted This Challenge

July 6, 2020

I wrote this just under 9 months ago right after I created my online business - I was starting to learn about traffic. Almost a year later it seems to be an appropriate first post for this blog. So if you're interested in creating free online traffic, this is for you!  

Hope you enjoy 😀

Creating FREE Online Traffic is a Struggle — That’s Why I Accepted This Challenge

Have you ever tried to start an online business? Have you ever sat down at your computer with dreams of selling your newly written book or life changing invention? Or maybe your revolution was a brand new blog or maybe you’re a “hip millennial” and thought a Youtube channel was your destiny.

If you’ve been down this road then you probably have hit the same stone wall as EVERY individual who has ever wanted to start an online business — WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE?! Or, maybe more specifically, WHY IS NO ONE PAYING ATTENTION?!

It almost feels like showing up to a party only to realize that you got the date wrong. Here you sit — all alone — with your awesome content and no one to show it to.

If you haven’t realized it yet, an Online Business comes down to one word: Traffic.

Where is everyone and how can I get them to see ME?

There are millions upon millions of people online every single day, but once they power up their device of choice, the world is at their fingertips — literally. How can I get them off of their favorite website, social media, Youtube channel, or blog to see what I have created?

** Insert thousands of sales pitches for PAID traffic here **

As soon as you start asking these questions you come across everyone trying to sell you their method for paid traffic. (And let me save you the time, most of them are just going to tell you to stick some money in a Facebook Ad.)

If you’re like me though, the whole point of starting an online business was because you didn’t have a ridiculous amount of start-up money. You thought your videos or blog would be free (or at least cheap) to produce.

So how are you ever going to change the lives of other people if they don’t see you?

  1. 1
    You don’t have the money for paid traffic
  2. 2
    You have already shared your stuff with your friends and no one seems to care
  3. 3
    You have already considered giving up

These were my exact thoughts. So what was my answer? A 30 day, FREE Traffic, challenge!

I know what’s you’re thinking, “A 30 day challenge, really? I thought you were going to blow me away at least a little bit, but all you could come up with is a 30 day challenge?”

That’s right 🙂

Here is the problem with most who start an online business — they refuse to put in the work. They think it is a get rich quick scheme (and thus a get traffic quick scheme) and they are just wrong. Sure, you won’t have to work as hard forever, but you will have to work your butt off in the beginning in order to achieve the financial freedom that is waiting around the corner!

So - are you ready? Are you ready to work your butt off for your dream? If so, I want to show you the same challenge that started everything for me. I want you to walk through these 30 days so that you can develop the habits needed to change your life!

If you’re ready, simply follow the link below. This link will take you to the same video that began my journey to financial freedom through online business. When you watch the video I will send you this 30 day challenge as an extra bonus!


Start today because "tomorrow" never comes!

Are you ready to get a little closer to financial freedom?





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Jake Thornhill

My name is Jake and I am a Youth Pastor in North Carolina. I began this business to help fellow Christians achieve financial freedom so they can more effectively fulfill the mission to which God has called them! If we are ever going to achieve financial freedom then we must create streams of passive income - and thus this blog was born! I teach many different ways to develop streams of passive income - primarily by creating your own online business!

Want to learn more? Check out my YouTube Channel!

Jake Thornhill

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